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Pregnancy + Lagree

pregnancy + lagree method

Photo courtesy of Bloom Method

Photo courtesy of Bloom Method

Fierce45® welcomes students at all stages of pregnancy.

Our staff is mindful of pre/post/pregnancy modifications and over half of our coaches are certified in the Bloom Method.   Below are some of our general guidelines.  Please do let your coach know if you are expecting as well as if you are recovering from recent labor/c-section. 


Generally speaking you will not need to modify any exercise until you are beginning your second trimester OR when you begin to show.  Once you are ready to modify we encourage you to stick to these center core exercises using a yoga block between the inner thighs to help truly engage the transverse abdominal wall:

  • Spoon (on the front of the machine)
  • Wheelbarrow (only on the front of the machine)
  • Cobra (on the front of the machine)
  • Super crunch static hold


For oblique exercises we recommend sticking with these: 

  • Mermaid
  • Twisted super crunch (this is an open twist and a static hold)
  • Side plank

fierce45® Pregnancy WORKSHOPS

We offer workshops on an on-going basis to further support your journey through staying strong during your pregnancy or re-gaining core strength after baby.  Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check out our special events page for more info.

We also host workshops and events with The Bloom Method a few times a year.  Please visit their website for more information or to sign up for a workshop.

As always, please follow your midwife or doctor's advice first and foremost. 

Want more info?  Visit the Bloom Method and read the postpartum core exercises below!