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We know we're on the cutting edge of fitness, but here is proof for the undecided voters.


ROLODEX: Denver Entrepreneurs to Know

Colorado is a fitness mecca. We consistently rank in the top healthiest states in the United States, and since 2000 we have had the lowest obesity rate in the nation according to the State of Obesity surveys. It is no wonder so many fitness businesses are born--and thrive--in the mile high city.

This month, we catch up with President, Founder, and “Chief Badass” of Fierce45, Torrey Newman. Torrey has brought the latest fitness revolution to Denver. This method incorporates movements are slow and controlled on a resistance machine, providing one of the most intense workouts I have ever experienced! I talked with Torrey to learn a bit more about her biz, her drive, and what makes her such a badass broad.


BRUNCH + BURN: A guide to the Lohi of weekend workouts and brunch

Finding the energy to workout on the weekend can be difficult. However, if you have the right motivation, anything is possible — which is why having post-workout brunch plans is an absolute must. To help you, we’re pairing some of Denver’s best brunch spots with a variety of nearby workouts for our new series Brunch & Burn. 

To kick-off our Brunch & Burn series, we’re focusing on LoHi. Choose one of our five pairings to kick-start your weekend mornings. After pushing yourself to your physical limits, you should reward yourself by refueling your body with a nourishing— or decadent— neighborhood brunch.


CLASS PASS BLOG: International Women's Day Female Studio Owners

Torrey grew up studying ballet and has been passionate about movement and fitness every since. When she stumbled upon the method, a light bulb went off in her head and she knew she had to bring it to Denver. She loves helping people heal and get stronger physically and mentally and hopes that the workout community she’s built will change lives and help people find their inner fierceness.

Hilltop Fierce45

Hilltop Fierce45


Fierce45 is expanding again, opening its third location at 335 Holly St. "I chose Hilltop and our specific location of Holly and Third because a huge part of Fierce45 is our community building focus," said Torrey Newman, owner and founder. "Fierce45 is not just about the workout. We are about uplifting our students and community to be the fiercest they can be.” Their other locations are in West Wash Park and LoHi.



We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all contemplated doing it. But only some of us have taken the plunge.

I took that plunge for you and here’s why you should be doing Fierce45!



We Tried It: Fierce45 Is High-Intensity, Low-Impact and a Calorie Torcher