Fierce45 Denver
high intensity | beat driven | mindful movement




Each class contains 6 blocks.

Right leg

Left leg

Right oblique

Left oblique

Center core

Upper body

There is not a set or specific order for class construction, but classes follow a general structure for maximum muscles fatigue. The placement of the blocks effect the intensity and outcome of the workout. Classes starting with large muscle groups, such as low body and heavy pushing, result in a spiked heart rate and more cardiovascular benefit. 

class structure

50% Low body (right leg + left leg + both leg moves)

25% Core (center core + obliques)

25% Upper Body

Each class should contain 15-30 moves (approx.). Exercises targeting the core and upper body are performed for at least 60 seconds while low body exercises are performed for at least 2 minutes to effectively initiate muscle fibers.



✓  Plan the low-body block first, since it’s the largest section of class. 

✓  Ensure transitions are smooth and plan the spring changes, handle movement, or additional cues needed.

✓  Practice your class before you teach the routine!  Allowing yourself to feel the moves and transitions will provide better cueing and understanding of the sequence.

✓  If you have extra time in a class, add more core.

✓  Arms are best at the end of class because they are equal-work moves. If obliques or low-body are at the end of class, there is a risk of running out of time and leaving students unbalanced.

✓  If you don’t have enough of an arm block, add in pushups everywhere you can!

✓  ALWAYS Close with a Fierce Close (45 second burn)

forecasting SEQUENCE

forecasting SEQUENCE

  1. Name of move
  2. Spring Load- only when changing springs
  3. Body Position on the machine
  4. Movement

ADDITIONAL CUEs (Once students are set in move):

  • Tempo- set the pace to the beat of the music
  • Alignment  
  • Range of motion
  • Variations and modifications 
  • Goal/Muscles working
  • Breath


1 white

Center Core

  • Carriage Hero
  • Carriage Plank to tabletop
  • Carriage fore-arm pike to plank

Left Leg

  • Squats facing BADASS wall (works both legs)
  • Platform lunge - add in variations
  • Carriage lunge - add in variations

1 black or 1 black + 1 white

  • Bungee kicks *Turn out handle bar for Heavy tabletop press
  • Heavy tabletop press
  • Heavy Carriage Press
  • Squats on heavy load

Right Leg

  • Bungee kicks *Turn out handle bars for Heavy tabletop press
  • Heavy tabletop press
  • Heavy Carriage press

1 white

  • Platform lunge *change right handle bar forward
  • Carriage lunge
  • Standing inner thighs (works both legs equally)


Oblique – Left Side

  • Twisted plank to pike (left heel under)
  • Twisted plank to tabletop
  • Seated side crunch


  • Fierce Crunch with Russian Twists

Oblique - Right Side

  • Seated side crunch
  • Twisted plank to tabletop
  • Twisted plank to pike


3 or 4 white – 1 black or 1 gray for challenge


  • Bicep extension
  • Chest fly
  • Rotator extension
  • Tricep kick back 

1 white

Fierce Close

  • Back carriage forearm plank hold - option for army crawls