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Springs + Machine

machine INFO



1. FRONT/BACK PLATFORM:  Non-moving base at the front and back of the machine. Students should always have both feet on platform to transition.

2.  RESISTANCE/SPRINGS:  Spring-loaded tension for machine.  Spring changes completed by reaching in between front platform and carriage and hooking springs fully around knob. White springs are for light tension and black + gray (a little lighter than a black) springs are for heavy tension.

3.  CARRIAGE: moving portion of machine. Horizontal lines for proper body-positioning. 

4.  BUNGEE: located on the front bar of the front platform. Tension is not based on springs and is used typically in transitions.

4.  HANDLE BARS: Located on the front/back of the machine and can rate to various positions as needed. To adjust handle bars by gripping the curved portion of the handle and rotating to correct position. Bars will click into place when locked. 

5.  CARRIAGE/PLATFORM STRAPS:  Straps on front AND back of carriage and platforms used for moves at either end of the machine.

6. FLOOR STRAP:  Located on the floor between the carriage and back platform.  Can be moved forward and back depending on need and different body types.

7.  EYELETS: Slots on the back carriage area.

8.  SHORT GRAY CABLES:  Located at the back of the machine and most frequently used for lunges and upper body exercises on the back. Cables and get tangled in back cable and students often need assistance for primary moves.

9.  LONG BLACK CABLES: Located at the back of the machine (hook to sides of carriage) and consists of a foam handle and long strap. Cues should specify which handle to use in initial movements.

10. WEIGHTED BLACK POLE: Used for balance or for up-leveling compound movement.


  • BASIC/NORMAL: on the front, facing the front.

  • CARRIAGE: on the front, facing the back.

  • BACK CARRIAGE: on the back, facing the front

  • BACK PLATFORM; on the back, facing the back



1 WHITE: Used for light-load core, oblique, lower body, and upper body exercises.

2 WHITE: Used for specific core or upper body moves. Can also be substituted for 1 white for beginners for front of machine moves or as up-level for back of machine moves.

3/4 WHITE: Used for upper body and Tabletop Oblique Sweep + Kneeling Torso Twists.

1 GRAY: 80% of a black spring and used for heavy arms. Can be used to modify if black spring is too much or to uplevel if 4 white is not enough.

1 BLACK: Equal to 6 white springs and used for heavy pushing lower body.

1 BLACK + WHITE: Typical heavy-pushing spring load for experienced class.