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In our first installation of #DUDESWHOFIERCE, we present Matthias.  Standing at 6'7" with the appearance of potentially being a body builder at some point in his life, Matthias has taken to Fierce45 like riding a bike.  A very challenging and humbling bike.  Since starting classes in February, he has dropped 27 POUNDS (wow!) and gained the core strength to rid himself of back issues.  

Read his story below:

When did you start Fierce45?  

I took my first class at Fierce45 on February 2nd 2017

What ran through your head in your first class?  

This has to be the most challenging workout I have ever done, and exactly the kind of workout I need.  I never spent time working on my core and stabilization muscles and always was intimidated to because it was my weak point.   I knew that no matter how hard class was, my body would benefit from it.

How many classes have you completed so far?  

I completed my 40th class on April 1st

What changes have you seen in your body since you started this method?  

Since I began taking classes on February 2nd my weight has dropped from 271 to 244 as of April 1st.  I cut out the beer during the week, and started taking more and more classes.   I always had lower back pain as a result of a weak core.  Over the course of the last 2 months I have noticed that my back pain has gone away.   I also struggled with knee pain, which likely was a result of having zero flexibility and never stretching.  The slow elongated movements in class have helped with that so much so that I can ski all day without any pain or issues with my knees.

 What is your favorite part of this method/studio?   

 I enjoy that every class is a new challenge.  Regardless of how many classes you take or how strong you become, each class is a new opportunity to push yourself farther than the last time.  I also appreciate that everyone in class has a different goal in mind and is at a different place with their workouts but that it is still a comfortable environment.  It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, it comes down to you and the table.

Why do you think this method is beneficial for men specifically?  

This method is beneficial for men because it targets areas that men typically have ignored in the gym while lifting weights or going through a more common type of workout.  As a student in school I was never taught the importance of core strength and flexibility.  Rather the focus was on how much someone could bench press or squat.   While traditional weight lifting should never be dismissed, Fierce Movement® is a method that provides a low impact and safe way to build whole body strength and flexibility.  Something that would be hard to achieve from weight lifting alone.  My goals are to be athletic, lean ,and to be functional with my own body weight.  For me, Fierce Movement is perfect.

What do you do outside of the studio?

  I work full time in an office environment for an Oil and Gas producer.   I love traveling as much as I can to new places.   I try to ski as much as I can in the winter, or get on the boat and wakeboard during the summer.  


You can catch Matthias in evening classes at LoHi, where he often brings his own playlist (complete with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears) and yells his way through the tough exercises.  Matthias is our dude spirit animal and we're so glad to have him in the #FierceFam.