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After taking an impressive 126 classes at Fierce45 Alex has completely transformed his health and body with Fierce45®. Alex previously suffered from knee and back injuries coupled with a poor posture #deskjoblife. Now his core and leg game is strong and he kills it in all the sports he loves. Read on for more:


When did you start Fierce45?

I started attending Fierce45 in January of 2016!

What ran through your head in your first class?

I’ve always thought of myself as strong. I enjoy running, lifting, and yoga...but when I did my first class, it really humbled me. I thought, "What the heck is happening?! I'm really struggling! But I love it!”

How many classes have you completed so far?

As of today, I've done 126 classes.

What changes have you seen in your body since you started this method?

I have struggled with knee and back pain from old football injuries. Couple that with sitting at a desk all day, I wasn't feeling great and I had poor posture. This method has completely improved my core and leg strength thus improving my posture. I've never felt better.

What is your favorite part of this method/studio?

As it says on my favorite Fierce45 hoodie, "hard every time." No matter how often I go or how strong I've become, the variety and intensity makes it a challenge every class. I never leave class thinking, "That was easy!”

Why do you think this method is beneficial for men specifically?

Fierce45 has made me a better athlete in every other way. My skiing, yoga, running, biking, football, softball, volleyball games have up leveled. Not only from a strength perspective, but also balance and endurance.

What do you do outside of the studio (job, hobbies, etc.)?

I love spending time with my girlfriend and Fierce45 coach Audrey Carlson. We love to travel, cook, play sports, go to pro sports games, and live a clean, loving vegetarian lifestyle. I work as an investment consultant for an Mutual Fund/ETF shop as well.


You can find Alex getting his shake on in classes at LoHi with his Fierce Coach lady (Audrey C) kicking his ass. As one of our seasoned #DUDESWHOFIERCE, we are seriously inspired by his transformation.

Laina Roberts