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Menver, listen up. We know you have #goals to hike all the 14ers in Colorado and to drink all the beer while killing your beard game. We get it. But how are you planning to prep for those 14ers while keeping off the extra beer lbs?

Cue Robert, one of our favorite #DUDESWHOFIERCE, who has been taking our classes since mid January. After a short, yet consistent few months in our studios, he is now able to climb 14ers. Did we mention he is 48 years young and just cannot be stopped? Not only has this method rejuvenated his mind and body, but he also revealed his new and improved physical composition. 

What excuse could you, dude reader, possibly have to not get into this method?!?  Read on for Robert's story and watch those reasons dissappear.


When did you start Fierce45?

I started Fierce45 in mid January. 

What ran through your head in your first class?

I can't believe my wife dragged me here to do this! Wow, crap this is hard, shit, I hope I finish, come on clock!!! Yaaaaa I finished!

How many classes have you completed so far?

37 classes. 

What changes have you seen in your body since you started this method?

The changes that I've noticed are that my abdominals are starting to come back and my butt is back to where it should be! I am a lot more flexible physically now!

What is your favorite part of this method/studio?

The studio is awesome, the instructors are great!! It's not a boring routine, always something different. The classes seem to have gotten harder every time. Challenge challenge challenge!!!

Why do you think Fierce45 is beneficial for men specifically?

I think this method is beneficial to men because they usually don't do abs and leg work that much at a gym, but here it's an everyday occurrence!

What do you do outside of the studio (job, hobbies, etc.)?

With this new rejuvenated mind and body I think that I might go back to playing flag football again (😃😜). My wife and I will probably climb some 14ers this summer thanks to the Fierce45 family.


You can find Robert taking class with his wife at our LoHi studio and prepping for his 14ers all season.

Laina Roberts