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Meet Nat. Our in-house design badass and all around cool dude. He is part of A Vital Few, who has helped Fierce45 reshape the brand and image (not to mention that cool new lounge area in Lohi).  After stumbling into our SUPER FUN Anniversary party in January, Nat has taken Fierce45 classes regularly and has seen increased flexibility and strength.  

Read his story below!


When did you start Fierce45?  

January of this year!

What ran through your head in your first class?  

I thought it was a great workout and it kicked my ass.

How many classes have you completed so far? 

26 at Fierce, a bunch at a few other studios outside of Denver. 

What changes have you seen in your body since you started this method? 

Awesome ones...increased fully body strength and fitness as well as amazing core development. 

What is your favorite part of this method/studio?

Fierce45 is awesome... hands down friendly.. welcoming... fun and a challenge every time that keeps you coming back

Why do you think this method is beneficial for men specifically?

The group fitness aspect holds you accountable and pushes you to work harder than on your own in a gym.... It also helps build so many different muscles that can be forgotten and overlooked in the traditional weight/gym workout.

What do you do outside of the studio?

Job: Designer (Industrial/product/digital), Hobbies: make things, cook, eat chocolate and drink coffee and wine, travel, enjoy friends.  

We love Nat and are honored to have him as a #DudesWhoFierce member!

Laina Roberts