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the transformation

#DUDESWHOfierce + Transformation Stories


Brandon entered the Fierce45 scene in a private with his pal Ben Higgins and the rest of the Humanity & Hope team, and has seen decreased pain in his lower back and a huge improvement in core strength. 


When did you start Fierce45?

May was my first month! I did 3 classes prior with some friends.


What ran through your head in your first class?

During my first class i was like what the heck is going on! I never knew moving slow would be so painful.


How many classes have you completed so far?

I've completed over 20 classes so far and try and make it to 3 classes per week. 


What changes have you seen in your body since you started this method?

 My lower back has not hurt one morning since and my core area is getting more fit.


What is your favorite part of this method/studio?

I love the classes- music, coaches, uplifting attitudes, cleanliness


Why do you think this method is beneficial for men specifically?

This method is great because it works muscles that we haven't necessary used much of in daily life or workout routines. We are typically seek high impact workouts, but the low-impact component of this method is better for men in the long run.  


What do you do outside of the studio (job, hobbies, etc.)

Flyfishing Guide @Colorado_Grizzly (insta), buy and sale metal commodities in Denver, golf, have fun. I am also a Denver Native!


We love Brandon and his itty bitty short shorts he sometimes chooses to practice in.  Go #DUDESWHOFIERCE!

Laina Roberts