Fierce45 Denver
high intensity | low impact | intentional movement


FIERCE on the STREETS (or beach)

It’s peak travel season, and we know how hard it is to fit in a workout while you’re on the road. One of the many reasons we are obsessed with this method is it's ability to meet all the elements to physical fitness-cardio, strength, endurance, body composition and flexibility-in each and every move. Take the benefits of Fierce45 to the streets with these five movements. All you need is a smooth floor, a towel, a chair and 15 minutes for a quick, effective fitness break on your next trip.

Courtney Brunkow

Congratulations to all of our Mega March Challengers! The Mega March Challenge was our strongest, fiercest, most badass month yet. You completed 7,925 (!!!!) classes in 31 days, 152 of you did 21 classes in the month and three of you won a month of unlimited classes.If you took part in all of that badassery, you can probably agree that Fierce45 goes beyond a workout.