Fierce45 Denver
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Hailing from Texas, Lauren S. has been a powerful (and cute) addition to the coaching team and management team as the Hilltop Studio Manager. Months before she made the move to Colorado, she knew the #FierceFam was the one for her (as seen by her constant emails and calls to us with questions and general excitement to try out the studio). Lauren channels her past as a 3rd grade teacher while coaching through encouragement and tough-love.

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Laina Roberts
FIERCE on the STREETS (or beach)

It’s peak travel season, and we know how hard it is to fit in a workout while you’re on the road. One of the many reasons we are obsessed with this method is it's ability to meet all the elements to physical fitness-cardio, strength, endurance, body composition and flexibility-in each and every move. Take the benefits of Fierce45 to the streets with these five movements. All you need is a smooth floor, a towel, a chair and 15 minutes for a quick, effective fitness break on your next trip.

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