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Destressing During the Holidays

If you’re anything like us, you make the same pledge every year: to stress less and focus on enjoying this holiday season. But, it’s always easier said than done. This time of year, we all throw ourselves into cooking, shopping and entertaining and can pretty much guarantee our stress levels will go through the roof.

We know how it is, so we’ve put together a few tips to help keep you sane this holiday season, while still being able to enjoy yourself and get it all done.

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If you’re a Colorado skier or snowboarder, you know all too well the aches and pains that can come with a day on the mountain. With the constantly changing terrain and conditions that go hand-in-hand with snow sports, skiers and snowboarders need to be fit and agile to reduce their chance for injury while still being able to have some fun. Getting back on the slopes will certainly get you back into ski or snowboarding shape, but cross training is just as important.

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In August, we teamed up with The Humanity and Hope United Foundation to help raise money to provide drinking water to a small village that has never had access to clean water.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our Fierce community, we were able to raise nearly TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in donations for this incredible cause. Ground has been broken on the water project that we helped fund.

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Denver City Guide: Monica’s Picks

You probably know our Fierce45 coaches best by their go-to, hurt-so-good Fierce45 moves. But, in addition to knowing exactly how to sculpt the best booties in town, they also know some of the best restaurants, hikes and boutiques.

Each month, we’ll be sharing some of our Coach of the Month’s favorite spots around town. This month, we are taking a look at Monica’s picks.

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Courtney Brunkow

Hailing from Texas, Lauren S. has been a powerful (and cute) addition to the coaching team and management team as the Hilltop Studio Manager. Months before she made the move to Colorado, she knew the #FierceFam was the one for her (as seen by her constant emails and calls to us with questions and general excitement to try out the studio). Lauren channels her past as a 3rd grade teacher while coaching through encouragement and tough-love.

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Laina Roberts